Madhuri Dixit

Often being called the Epitome of Womanhood, she has reigned over millions of hearts all over the world with her artistic abilities, charming personality and exceptional beauty. The most dazzling smile in the world is said to be hers, the most perfect face for the screen as well. Apart from being one of the greatest actresses of all time, it was her dancing too, that made her an iconic artist and cherished weakness of many. This blog is a small, humble tribute to the ultimate Woman, who has graced our screens with her presence, helped to shape the new face of cinema and brought so much joy into our hearts.

    Madhuri featured on the cover of controversial Stardust magazine through the years.

        Madhuri and Sanjay Dutt on the sets of Mahaanta, returning to finally finish the film after it had been in making for over six years. Large portion of the film was completely re-shot after Sanjay was released from jail in the spring of 1997.

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              filed under: Anjaam, SRK,

              Filmfare Awards 2011: While Priyanka Chopra paid a dancing tribute to La Dixit (and managed to bring her on the stage too!), her Devdas co-star Aishwarya Rai presented Madhuri with a heart-warming speech and a special Filmfare award for completing 25 years in the industry.

                  Several scans from Khalnayak pres book

                    "As far as Madhuri goes, I so desperately wanted her to agree to do this film, because she was the only person I could see essaying Begum Para’s role. I observed that she is a very relaxed actor. In spite of the work she has behind her, she is still the sort of actor who wants a director to step in and fill her in on the character’s shades. However, she’s also very instinctive - so if you tell her to do something that she think might look fake on screen, she’ll tell you that. I think what amazes me most about Madhuri is that she does not theorise and is very subtle at her craft. Many a time, I’d think she was being too subtle and might miss the point, but later, when I saw it on screen, I realised she knew just what she was doing by putting in just the perfect amount of emphasis on her expression or style. I don’t think too many actors can boast of that."
                    —Abhishek Chaubey