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Often being called the Epitome of Womanhood, she has reigned over millions of hearts all over the world with her artistic abilities, charming personality and exceptional beauty. The most dazzling smile in the world is said to be hers, the most perfect face for the screen as well. Apart from being one of the greatest actresses of all time, it was her dancing too, that made her an iconic artist and cherished weakness of many. This blog is a small, humble tribute to the ultimate Woman, who has graced our screens with her presence, helped to shape the new face of cinema and brought so much joy into our hearts.

      Watch the making of one of the best films that came out of Bollywood in recent years!

      30 years of Madhuri II Prem Pratigya

      If there is one movie that people remain generally oblivious to undeservingly, it is Prem Pratigya. Released in 1989 it starred Madhuri opposite Mithun Chakraborthy, and while their other movies together were unremarkable, Prem Pratigya gave them both a chance to shine and enact a truly beautiful, humble story about love and value of honest work. Madhuri played Laxmi, a poor girl who looses her father and home, and unwillingly accepts protection of a local “don”, who lives off money he collects from people he protects from random goondas. He is also a gambler and alcoholic. Laxmi detests him, and tries to change his life. Among all the huge commercial hits Madhuri had at the time (including Ram Lakhan and Tridev), Prem Pratigya is largely forgotten these days, even though it fared very well at the box office and even earned Madhuri her second nomination for Filmfare Best Actress. 

      Prem Pratigya is a gem of a film and one not to be missed.


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          The first time Prem did the signature cough in HAHK

            20 years of friendship

            "The person I really like to work with, and whenever I meet him there is kind of a cammaraderie, there is friendship, is Shahrukh." - Madhuri Dixit

            Madhuri is the most beautiful partner with whom I have worked. She has great sense of humour. I value our friendship greatly. - SRK


            It has been over 20 years since Madhuri Dixit and Shahrukh Khan were cast in their first movie together. The friendship they both acknowledge warmly today has grown from deep respect and mutual admiration, developing over time as they had an opportunity to work together repeatedly. Recently Shahrukh admitted he felt extremely nervous in front of Madhuri, as he was still a new-comer and she an established superstar when she agreed to work with him, and he would be anxious not to ruin her scenes.

            That jittery feeling apparently lasted for quite some time, as he still felt butterflies in his stomach while working with her in Koyla, but subsequent collaborations on Dil To Pagal Hai, several years of Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Devdas and special apearance in Gaja Gamini melted it all into very affectionate relationship between the two actors. Even when Madhuri was away in the U.S. it was Shahrukh, of all her co-stars and work associates, who would regularly check up on her and call her when she had her babies. Perhaps he did so also because of a fun “deal” they made when she got married: the plan was for her to promptly have a daughter, as beautiful as herself, whom Shahrukh could get his son married to. Unfortunatelly, there was no daughter for Mrs. Nene.

            It may be recalled that when Madhuri came to India in the fall of 2010, Shahrukh, shooting for his own film, spotted a vanity van with her name on it. Upon learning Madhuri was indeed in one of the studios, shooting for Jhalak Dikhla Ja, he unceremoniously came on the sets, never caring that the shooting was in progress, just to see her for a minute and to kiss her hand. It is little things like these that make the Shahrukh/Madhuri friendship a popular story in a vast Bollywood folklore.

                "My appeal is not visual, its not physical, its not in my form. Its a feeling, a thought that comes from deep within me. My sex appeal is subtle.” 

On the sets of Dil To Pagal Hai

                  On the sets of Dil To Pagal Hai

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